White Microwave Carts

The color white can add a great splash of brightness to your kitchen. It looks clean and vibrant and can give a great clean look to the room. If you already have a white themed kitchen, then getting a white microwave cart to add to it is a natural step.

Some of these come with color accents like a tan, or maple wood color and some will have stainless steel. Depending on how you chose to accent your kitchen, you’re likely to find a white cart to suit your needs.

Tall White Microwave Cart With Hutch

If you’re looking for extra storage in a hutch, this is one of the few choices for a white microwave cart.

It has two extra tiers up top over the microwave and space at the very top that you can utilize too. This is almost double the amount of storage as a regular cart.



Ameriwood – White Microwave Cart With Wheels and Storage

This model from Ameriwood is a good choice to keep things very simple. It comes on wheels, but other than that, everything is all white. You get a place on top for the microwave and a cabinet at the bottom.

This makes a great decorative piece as well as a functional one.


Sauder – White Microwave Cart With Drawer And Cabinets

This white cart from Sauder is about in between the other two listed above. You get wheels on it, and a extra tier of storage.

This is a good place to put things you’re working with at the moment, or even jars of food or cooking utensils.

Place the microwave on top so the lower tier can be used for cooking activities that are easier to reach.